The Alien Snowboards Belt

Sometimes I get inspirations from seeing cool products, this happened once when I saw a belt made by Oakley, this was back in 2004. When I saw this belt I decided to design a belt buckle and the suitable brand was Alien Snowboards, a snowboard brand I had started by myself.

At that time Alien Snowboards did not have a logo and the belt buckle I designed also became the logo for my snowboard brand. I started with drawing sketches which evolved into the final product which finally evolved into the logo for Alien Snowboards.

Since then I have used this logo as a top logo for everything I do, kind of like a signature for my work and creations.

A year later, 2005, I produced the belt was a limited run of 50 pieces that. The belt itself was made from leather and the for the buckle I used marine aluminium which is light weight and durable, perfect for the Alien Snowboards belt buckle.

I’m also happy that the Design Museum in Helsinki was one place the belt was sold at. The Design Museum in Helsinki has exhibitions of design from Finland and they also sell some of the designs.

I still wear the original prototype 18 years after I drew the first sketch of the belt.

The final shape for the belt buckle that also became the official logo for Alien Snowboards, and even if Alien Snowboards stopped, it still lives with me as I today use it as the main logo for all my design work.