Silk screen setup

I have always loved designing and creating, and sometimes ideas and dreams start living their own life and wake you up and tell you what you need to do. And sometimes you see something and think, this is cool but I would make it better! And in short, all of the above happened.

I saw a shirt, and realized that the shirt’s idea was cool, but it was lacking stuff so I decided to design my own t-shirt. And from that the idea evolved and I wanted to make it even cooler and make the t-shirts myself.

First I thought about geting a direct to garment printer, but after talking about it with a friend of mine I decided to forget about the printer. Because one option I was thinking about was silk screen printing and doing it “the real way”.

My friend said, a printer is cool but it lacks authenticity and we are both the same, we get excited and enjoy something that is real instead of some printed bulk crap, so you need to go the other way and really make them yourself and get your hands dirty and build a silk screen setup.

The more I thought about it the more good it felt. So I decided start setting up a small workshop to silk screen my designs on t-shirts and instead of going digital future crap, I’m going back to the future like Marty did and going back to analog.

First step is to build my own silk screen setup. So stay tuned, soon my designs will be available.